Iowa Lakes


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Clear Lake
(Fishing Hot Spots)
M262 - 24"x36"
Good numbers of quality walleye available. Numerous catfish provide fast action. Trophy muskie out there too.
3,643 acres
  Coralville Lake
(Fishing Hot Spots)
G180  - 11"x17"
Flooded willows are prime for bass, crappie and panfish. Water coming over the Macbride spillway attracts walleye, white bass and catfish.
4,900 acres
Lake Macbride
(Fishing Hot Spots)
G181  - 11"x17"
A lack of weeds make crankbait presentations possible and very productive for bass and walleye.
950  acres
  Mississippi River - Pool 13
(Fishing Hot Spots)
M265  - 24"x36"
Walleye, sauger, largemouth bass, catfish, crappie and bluegill are all available in this diverse fishery.
28,117  acres
Lake Odessa
(Fishing Hot Spots)
G220  - 11"x17"
The lake is drawn down for waterfowl cover production and most fishing is compressed to heavy growth near deep water. Shoreline deadfalls are prime targets.
3,000  acres
  Okoboji Lakes - East and West
(Fishing Hot Spots)
M261 - 24"x36"
Smallmouth, largemouth, walleye and pike all available. Known for trophies, including state records.
5,682 acres
Pleasant Creek Lake
(Fishing Hot Spots)
G213  - 11"x17"
Tiger muskie are an added bonus to the largemouth bass, channel cats, crappie, bluegill and walleye. Excellent fishing.
410  acres
  Rathbun Reservoir
(Fishing Hot Spots)
M264 - 24"x36"
Iowa's largest lake features walleye, catfish and crappie. Weeds and wood provide the cover for largemouth and white bass. Fluctuating water levels challenge and angler.
11,000 acres
Saylorville and Big Creek Lakes
(Fishing Hot Spots)
M263 - 24"x36"
Stocking of walleye, saugeye and hybrid stripers maintains a strong fishery. Channel cats, largemouth bass and crappie add to the diversity. Expect changing water levels.
850 acres
  Spirit Lake
(Fishing Hot Spots)
M260 - 24"x36"
Anglers of all skill levels will find a challenge on the largest of Iowa's Great Lakes. Excellent populations of walleye, smallmouth and pike attract gamefish enthusiasts.
5,684 acres
Storm Lake
(Fishing Hot Spots)
G183  - 11"x17"
One of the best fish producing lakes in the state. Only 10 feet deep, but sustains nice populations of walleye, catfish, crappie and bass.
2,830  acres



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