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Offering over 500 maps of lakes, reservoirs and rivers throughout the U.S. and the Province of Ontario, Canada, Fishing Hot Spots has earned a reputation for providing its customers with quality products and outstanding service.

All Fishing Hot Spots maps give you an accurate, detailed lake map loaded with information to help you get on fish quickly. Depth contours, structure, boat landings, marinas, flooded timber and weedbeds are just some of the features commonly shown. Whether you're after panfish, bass, trout or pike, Fishing Hot Spots maps have all the detail needed to eliminate unproductive water and head straight for the action.

Most of the maps are now digital, giving you a clean, crisp view of what's beneath the surface. These maps also take advantage of the latest satellite technology by including latitude/longitude grids and GPS coordinates for key locations around the water.

"A" item numbers: Like the "M" and "L" maps, this series offers a clean, easy-to-read, detailed lake map. Each has a lat/long grid and GPS coordinates. Fishing tips and techniques are included. Size - 24 x 36 inches


"G" item numbers: These 11" x 17" maps are found for those smaller lakes that are too good to ignore. Available only in the upper Midwest, the maps feature detailed contours and some fishing information.


"L" item numbers: This is the premier series of Fishing Hot Spots maps. Each detailed maps provides depth contours, structure, boat ramps and updated fishing information, with productive spots marked on the map. You'll also find a complete lat/long grid and dozens of GPS waypoints. These four-color maps are as easy-to-use as they are to read! Size - 24 x36 inches
"M" item numbers: These are the instantly recognizable "blue maps" the made Fishing Hot Spots a household name with anglers nationwide. These maps profile many of the larger bodies of water in a number of states and offer many of the features of the "L" maps. The major difference is limited GPS information. All fishing areas are shaded and numbered, leading you to the detailed reports on the map. Size - 24 x 36 inches
"Q" item numbers: This is the top of the line. These maps are the finest fishing maps available for the expansive and extremely productive bodies of water in North America. These four-color maps are highly detailed for anglers. Like the "L" series, you get a lat/long grid, GPS coordinates, the latest fishing information, contours and structure but with these maps you get more marked navigation routes where available (the maps are not intended for navigation, only as an aid). If you’re looking for the most fishing information in one location, this is your map. Size - 24 x 36 inches
"S" item numbers: The S-Series represents the future of fishing maps with Shaded Depth Contours and GPS Coordinates for Marked Fishing Areas. This series also incorporates new graphics, enhanced species information (including color pictures), and a new "look and feel". Of course they also highlight the information FHS is famous for; underwater structure, boat ramps, a lake profile, fishery information, tips and techniques, and the best digitally-produced cartography on the market. This series is the new Gold Standard in fishing maps and is available for select New York lakes. Size - 24 X 36



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