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The Accu-Cull Culling System
is one of those products that comes around that makes you say "Why didn't anyone think of this before?" The Accu-Cull is by far the simplest and most efficient culling system to hit the market.

The AccuCull Culling System has both numbering and color identification so it works with any culling balls or scales you may already have. It is recommended that you mount the system on your Livewell lids but it can really be placed on any suitable, flat surface.

The ACCU-CULL Weight Register

You know best what happens when you catch one of them prized fish.

You weigh the fish.

Your hands are wet

You try to use an erasable Sharpie to record the weight on a piece of laminated paper, right.

How easy does that go?

No problem with the ACCU-CULL WEIGHT RECORDER.

NO Sharpie needed.


Accu-Cull Usage:
Simply rotate the culling system's wheel up or down to match the weight of the fish that you put in your Livewell. Pick any scale you want to use, match the numbers in tenths, ounces, hundredths and even kilometers. 9.99 is the highest weight recorded. Common sense says "If you catch a Bass over 10 lbs. you probably won’t cull it."

Mounting the Accu-Cull:
*Please note that your Livewell may vary in size. Please measure for fit. Find a secure spot in your Livewell lid (our suggestion for mounting). If your Livewell lid has insulation, remove a 4 1/2" x 8 1/4" section to allow room to mount the Accu-Cull's cradle securely to the lid. Take the cradle and apply the 1" VHB tape to four individual spots on the cradle. Peeling off one side of the tape. Apply to the cradle and once set, peel off the backside and apply to the clean and flat dry area of Livewell. Allow 24 hours for 100% set up.

Where It Sticks - It Stays!
All Plastic 100% ABS Construction. No Parts to Rust.  No Metal Parts.  Dials Lock into Place Securely and Will Not Shake Out of Position.  No More Grease Pencil & Board.  No More Second Guessing Yourself with Electric Recording Systems.  Livewell Mounting Bracket.  CULL FAST, CULL SMART, CULL SECURE!  Made in the U.S.A.